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Do you feel that the world still has many secrets from you? We have prepared a short geography quiz that will test your general knowledge. Since you have come to us, we do not need to make you aware that it is worth learning geography. Maybe we can get your attention to things you still do not know about. Which river is the longest?

Geo quiz – Map, Countries, Flags, Other Facts

Geography is a very extensive science and it may be that this is the reason why so many people are interested in it. Do you know the world map and all countries well enough? Let’s get to the point! Proof yourself by starting our GEO TEST ONLINE.



1. What is the tallest mountain in the world?


2. What country is it?

country shape - which country is it


3. What's the only country named after its rulers?


4. What is the longest river in the world?


5. What national symbol is common to China and Wales?


6. What is the world’s richest country?


7. Which symbol is found on the Canadian Flag?


8. Which is the most populous country in the world?


9. Which is the largest US state by area?


10. What country this flag represents?

weather challenge geo quiz - whos flag is it


11. What is the smallest country in the world?


12. Which country has the longest coastline in the world?

Let’s explore the world

Surely everybody once wondered how the Earth was formed, how old it is, how it happened that the continents look the way they look. Equally interesting are the processes taking place on the planet and inside it – we often have to deal with this when we hear about a volcano eruption, earthquake or tsunami.

How to learn geography? Do it online.

Geography combines many sciences and issues that surround us on a daily basis, which is why we should go deeper into it. We will not regret it and we will learn many interesting and important things for our life. It’s good that we have the Internet. It is an unlimited mine of knowledge

What about the weather? Could you predict it yourself?

For many centuries, people have been trying to predict the weather. They watched the color of the sky, the behavior of animals, the reactions of plants to the change of aura. There are many proverbs and sayings that link local phenomena with weather changes. It is said, for example, that low flying swallows are signs of impending rain, the red sky at sunset heralds a strong wind the next day. Many plants and animals respond in a characteristic manner to weather changes, eg pine cones open on dry days, while when rain comes – they close. Today we know much more reliable methods of forecasting the weather, but still we rely on folk forecasts, for example highlanders, which, although they are not created on the basis of reliable atmospheric research, still stand behind them experiences of many generations of „weather” observers.

Play the meteorologist!

For the love of learning about the world and the use of new technologies, we have created an amazing weather app. Of course, you will check the weather for the next few hours as in any other such application. You will do more with us! As a real meteorologist, you’ll be able to check your weather forecasts over the next 8, 24 and 48 hours. You will get extra points in our game by answering questions about the weather. Challenge others!

Weather Challenge Game App