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Time to challenge a weatherman

Weather Challenge allows you to play against mother nature itself, your friends and family, but it’s biggest innovation lies in the possibility of challenging real life famous meteorologists. It’s a gameplay idea that won two awards – for the best idea on the Start-Up Weekend and the Audience Prize for the most innovative gameplay concept for a mobile game. The potential of Weather Challenge – previously also known under the name of Weather Gambler – has also been praised on many other events, proving, that there is a great chance of a warm welcome by the future players.

Famous meteorologists

Reality Games’ idea was to convince well known weather channel personalities that the game is worth playing and has enormous potential to become a big hit in the mobile world. The perfect candidates for the establishing of Weather Challenge in almost every country on the globe were famous meteorologists or weather reporters, who could also became a great rival for players. Knowing a lot about the world of forecast, every experienced weather reporter can make a pretty awesome game boss to beat!


Weather stations


The lowest temperature

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The strongest wind

Peter Coade’s Weather Challenge

At the very beginning, the Weather Challenge project was joined by Peter Coade, a well known Canadian weather reporter, who was very enthusiastic about the app and decided to back Reality Games’ and help grow the game in his country. He also became the face of the local version of the app, adding his name to the brand and thus creating Peter Coade’s Weather Challenge. As a very experienced weatherman, Coade was able to make a heavy impact on the popularization of the app, convincing people, that it’s worth playing and not only entertaining, but most of all edutaining.

Andrea Giuliacci’s Weather Challenge

The second wave of support for Reality Games’ newest project came from Italy: Andrea Giuliacci was the next famous meteorologist to become the face of Weather Challenge. Being not only a well-known forecaster but also an author of many scientific publications about the weather, he decided to share his extensive knowledge in order to raise the stakes for Italian players. Andrea Giuliacci’s Weather Challenge will allow you to not only learn more about climate but also challenge one of the most famous meteorologists of Italy to a forecast duel!

The ultimate goal

Weather Challenge’s ultimate goal is to create a interactive experience with the help of local tv stations. The idea is to add the game to weather programs around the world and make it possible to play against famous meteorologists during tv forecasts. This idea may sound completely new, but it already has strong social proof with shows, that use interactive games during their runtime. As a bonus feature, it could really add some incredible dynamic to the gameplay and provide players with a great cost free game.

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