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The creation of such a application as Weather Challenge isn’t done overnight. The developing process of an android or ios weather app, depending on the size of the project, can take months or even years to finish. A huge help to speed up the process was our big data game engine, which was able to establish a base for the applications content, but it’s just the tip of the iceberg and there’s still a long road ahead to finish a Google Play or iTunes App Store weather app.


Weather Challenge achieved a fair success at the beta stage. Being not only a android or app store weather app, but also a game, Weather Challenge was able to attract people to the concept of having a interactive weather experience in just one app. The beta was played by more than 10 000 users, also scoring a very high retention, proving that the core idea of the product had potential. The most praised feature was the big data gaming system, but a lot of compliments also went to the in-game mini games and the quiz platform. The combination of these two elements can be viewed as the reason of Weather Challenge’s initial success, offering a very plain, satisfactory core gaming system and combining it with a bonus feature, that keeps the players entertained – something, that a simple app store weather app is not able to achieve.


Weather stations


The lowest temperature

113.2 m/s

The strongest wind


The plan is to achieve a position of a leading product in the coming year and try to become the best android and best ios weather app on the market. The initial reception shows that Weather Challenge has huge potential to be more that just a handy ios weather app and in this we see the possibility of establishing a stable position in the app world.


The team working on Weather Challenge consists of game experts with many years of working experience on big titles. But, as stated above, the creation of a app store weather app may seem easy, but it definitely isn’t, if the goal is to develop something more that just a weather app. And that’s why our slogan is Weather Challenge – so much more that just a weather app!

Weather Challenge Game App