What kind of skills do you need to be a meteorologist?

Alright, so you set your goal to become a meteorologist. Working with weather seems cool and you’ve always been the smart kid, so scientific aspects of atmospheric changes should be no problem to you. You know what you should major in and what earning you can expect from your future employer. But is the meteorology a right path? How can you be sure that you’ll like what you’re doing and that your profile matches what is needed for this job?

Is Meteorology a good career for me?

Of course, a lot depends on what you want to do. Meteorology is a very broad field and different positions within it requires different skillset. However, there are a few requirements that are common throughout most of the meteorology-related jobs.

You’ll be a great meteorologist if:

  1. you love weather obviously!
  2. you already have or are ready to pursue related education, as almost all positions require at least a college degree in meteorology;
  3. alternatively, if you already have a major in different, but related field (math, chemistry, statistics, aeronomy, computer science, or physical oceanography), it’s best to take courses specific to meteorology;
  4. you enjoy science, math, and physic;
  5. you know how to apply scientific principles to atmospherically phenomes in order to better understand them;
  6. you feel comfortable working with sophisticated measurement tools;
  7. you’re fast thinking and adaptable, open to changes;
  8. you’re happy to work with technology, especially computers and know how to analyze complex data with their help;

If those requirements don’t scare you, there’s a great chance that path of a meteorologist is the best choice for you! Remember, education is a key, as the weather is a complex subject, but getting to know all of the rules behind it is a part of the fun!