What is the wettest place in the world?

Located in north-eastern India, Mawsynram is the most wet in the world. Annually, there are almost 12.2 thousand. mm of rain. Mawsynram ro is a cluster of several small villages, which due to record rainfall has been included in the Guinness Book of Records.

Meteorologists and climatologists believe that the overabundance of rain corresponds to the proximity of the Bay of Bengal, over which humid air mass accumulates. Clouds can not move freely north because they are blocked by the Himalayas. The monsoon season in India starts in June and lasts until September, but in Mawsynram it always lasts longer than in other parts of the country. Every year, hectoliters of water pour from the sky. In June 1995, 1.5 thousand fell within one day. mm of rain. As it turns out, the rainy season attracts many curious tourists.


Which place gets the highest rainfall in the world?


With the request to check whether Mawsynram is certainly the most wet place on earth, meteorologists from Colombia. In the central part of the country there is a small fishing spring Puerto López, where in 1961-1990 the average annual rainfall was 13.327 mm. Thus, it was almost 1500 mm higher than in India.

In order to determine whether it was actually the most rainy place on Earth, one should pick up Mawsynram from the Indian city, and a team of climate experts was appointed. The investigation was conducted by climate scientists from Argentina, Colombia, France, Germany, India, Morocco, Spain and the United States.

In the final report, they stated that due to the lack of a full, continuous series of measurements, the annual average rainfall can not be determined with satisfactory accuracy during the base period 1981-2010. In addition, the location of the station and the method of conducting measurements does not meet the guidelines of the World Meteorological Organization (WMO).

Perhaps the Colombian village of Puerto López is indeed the wetest place in the world, but unfortunately the measurements do not confirm this. If they were conducted without interruption and with due diligence by a qualified observer, there would certainly be no doubts for experts.

Puerto López is located between the northern Andes range and the evergreen rainforests of the Amazon. Despite the non-recognition of the official record, the village remains one of the rainiest places on our planet.


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