What is the thinnest cloud?

Cirrus (Ci) Cirrus cloud in the shape of white fibers, threads, shoals or narrow bands with a silky appearance. Most often they appear in the form of thin fibers, almost straight lines, irregularly folded or chaotic with each other. Sometimes they have characteristic bends in the shape of hooks. They also appear in schools so dense that they appear grayish, although cirrus clouds are whiteer than any other, located in the same part of the sky. This type of clouds can even cover the sun lightly, blur its outlines and sometimes cover completely.


Cirrus clouds description

The elements of cirrus clouds are sometimes arranged in broad parallel bands that seem to coincide with the horizon. Less often cirrus clouds appear in the shape of small, rounded flocs more or less scattered, or in the form of rounded towers with a common base.

As the sun sets, the cirrus clouds, high in the sky, change color to yellow, then pink and finally to gray. At the east, the order of colors is reversed.

Cirrus consists of small and much dispersed ice crystals, glides majestically in the sky, slowly at the eye, in fact at a speed of 70 km / h and more.

Cirrus causes rainfall that never reaches the earth’s surface.