Gloomy weather means dreich, wet, dull, dismal and dreary. Its most miserable. Wet, partly cloudy, light rain. Many names for this type of weather have Scots.

How does a gloomy weather affects us?

According to the latest scientific research, it is not rain or strong wind, but the amount of sunlight is key to causing depression.
It turns out that the rain, strong wind, pressure fluctuations, air pollution or temperature had very little effect on the well-being, as opposed to insolation, ie the number of hours of sunshine each day.

The more light reaches our body, the better we endure the whims of the cold season. In order to preserve well-being and health in autumn and winter, it is worth strolling as often as the sun shines. Literally use every cheerful minute or hour. Do not wear sunglasses, catch the sun’s rays on your face.

Just like our phones, we need frequent recharging of our internal batteries, and the best suited for this is natural sunlight with a beneficial vitamin D. In such autumn and winter periods, as the current, when natural light we can not count, we should at least supplement the vitamin D taking capsules or eating large amounts of fish, including eel and mackerel. However, positive thinking is by far the most valuable.