While preparing this article, we were considering only large metropolises, but there are definitely smaller towns in which the prevailing climate is equally good or even better. Choosing your dream place to live is usually not an easy topic. It is not only about the weather that we took into account as the only and the most important factor. Add to that, of course, individual preferences, cultural differences, security, the type of work that we could do in a new place of residence.

What city has the best weather in the world? TOP 4 cities to live in!

Lisbon, Europe – 4th place

Lisbon is probably the most pleasant place to live in Europe in terms of climate. The Portuguese from the capital are free both from long-term heat waves and from winter cold, and the sum of rainfall is quite low, it falls mainly in winter. Summer brings high but not extreme temperatures – the warmest month is August with the maximum daily average of 28.3 Celsius degrees. The coldest is January, but it usually means about 15 Celsius degrees on their thermometers. Interestingly, there has never even been a minimum of frost in the Portuguese capital. Can you imagine an even better climate? It turns out that yes.


Cape Town, South Africa – 3rd place

You may also think about Johannesburg, but Cape Town, located in the same country, has even better climate. The sum of rainfall is low – only 515 mm per year. The hottest month, January, brings maximum 26 Celsius degrees during the day. The peak of Cape Town winter is July which the average maximum daily temperature 17.5 Celsius degrees.

The climatic conditions are of little importance in planning the date of Cape Town’s visit. There are no significant fluctuations in temperature, although for several months in winter (from June to August) it may be relatively cold (6 to 19 ° C) and humid. From September to November the weather brings many surprises, there are strong winds. From November to March it is hot, and then the maximum temperature is only 26 ° C, and a strong south-eastern wind (called a cape doctor) makes you feel hot. From March to May, the aura is the most conducive to rest.


San Francisco, United States – 2nd place

The climate of San Fran is close to perfect. Only lovers of very high heat can complain – in San Francisco the warmest month is, atypical, September – then the maximum temperature during the day is about 21.2 Celsius degrees. Winters are very mild, in the coldest month, which is January, you can expect a temperature of 14 degrees during the day. The sum of rainfall is low and their absolute majority falls in three winter months. It’s heavy then, but not very often.


San Diego, United States – 1st place

This is the world’s king of climate. If the climate could be resolved based on social consensus, San Diego would probably be described. The city of California offers its residents pleasant and comfortable temperatures throughout the year, and there is very little rain – rainfall is recorded only 41 days a year, mainly in winter. In August, the average maximum temperature of the day is 24.7 degrees, and in January – 18.4. Sunny is approximately twice as often as in Warsaw. The unusual microclimate of San Diego results from its location among numerous mountains, hills and canyons, as well as a nearby bay. What’s more, the summer of San Diego residents is cooled by pleasant wind from the sea. Only three times in history there was snowfall, for the last time in 1987.


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