How weather forecasting is useful?

Weather forecasting is important in many areas. It depends on temporal and spatial changes of the atmospheric state. Weather forecasting depends on the following factors: from weather, forecasting method and area. The basic parameters allowing effective description of the weather, we can include: air temperature, atmospheric pressure, wind speed and direction. For other important indicators allowing for the description of the weather condition, we can classify: haze, cloudiness, atmospheric pollution and the state of the sea. Weather forecast depends on the quality and quantity of the initial data. However, it should be remembered that the processes occurring in nature are becoming more and more chaotic. Therefore, gradually forecasted weather becomes less and less accurate. Forecasting the weather is of great importance in the management of aircraft flights. It also allows for optimal route planning for ships. In addition, more and more often the weather is forecast for drivers, including factors important when driving cars and other means of transportation.


Importance of weather forecasting

It should be considered whether the knowledge we will get during the viewing of the weather forecast will be useful to us the next day? From the teacher’s, official’s or student’s point of view, such information seems unnecessary. A teacher or a clerk must always get up in the morning and go to work, the student should appear at the university regardless of the aura. Can watching a forecast help him in some way? For most of the year no, because only in the winter after watching the weather service can say that in the morning you need to get up a little earlier, so as not to be late because of a bus buried in the snow or a tram.