The Google Android Weather App has a new update. With it, the possibility of creating a shortcut for weather in our city was introduced. The icon is displayed on the device’s home screen.


How do I get the Google weather icon?

The Google Android Weather App will receive a new feature that will help us find out more quickly what the weather is like in our town. It allows you to create a shortcut displayed on the main screen of our device, directing us directly to the weather in the previously set city.


How to set such a shortcut?

It is very easy. All you have to do is open the application, search for the weather for your chosen city, and the screen should display information about the possibility of creating a shortcut. After accepting this option, the sun icon will appear on the device’s home screen. After touching it, we will be automatically redirected to the weather page in the place chosen by us.


Google Weather App – Smartphone Widget

For many years, the Google search has been blasting various businesses. Now even a thorough check of the weather is very easy and does not require a large number of clicks.

Just enter the phrase „weather” to get a graphic representation of the expected weather for the next days. We can open it in full screen. If we start moving the screen, we will discover further functions. First, the weather for the whole day will be displayed with an hourly break. The humidity will also be visible.

Weather for tomorrow? Here you are. Just click „tomorrow” on the top bar. Changing the colors means that you know that you are checking the forecast for a completely different day.


More than just a Weather App

Many people say that they do not need to install weather applications, since they receive information from Google almost immediately. In addition, it is very legible and contains all the most important data. We think so too, that’s why we decided to create an addition which will be both cool and useful, but it will also stimulate us to activity and provide entertainment. Have you ever tried to predict the weather for the next day yourself? I bet you will. Will you bet with me? In our new, innovative weather app, you can play against other users and against weather-based weather presenters from different countries. Test your strength and let us know what you think.