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Up to now, the lowest natural temperature recorded on Earth is -89.2 ° C (-188.6 ° F, 184.0 K). It was recorded on the basis of ground measurements at the Russian Vostok station in Antarctica on July 21, 1983.

Vostok is a Russian research station located in Antarctica – the coldest continent in the world – located at an altitude of 3488 meters above sea level, just above the largest and most famous lake in Antarctica – Vostok Lake.

What may seem strange to us due to the habit of warm summer holidays, the coldest month to work at the station is August.

Oymyakon – the coldest inhabited place on Earth

As for the coldest inhabited place on earth, it is a small village of Oymyakon located in the Siberian tundra. The average winter temperatures drop to minus 50 degrees Celsius, and ironically the name „Oymyakon” means „water that does not freeze” because of the hot springs located nearby – a stopover for reindeer herders.

The village gained the status of the coldest after the temperature of -71.2 ° C was recorded there in 1924 which has not been beaten so far.

The village has an extreme subarctic climate, but it does not bother the community with about 500 inhabitants. Fish stalls are open and people ride bicycles.