Exhaustion of the body, or hypothermia, is a condition when the body temperature drops below 36.6 ° C. Hypothermia can threaten people who stay in very low air temperatures or in water for a long time. It is faster to cool down in water, which cools 20 times faster than the air.

How cold does it have to be for a person to freeze to death?

When the temperature drops below 35 ° C the body allows you to freeze your fingers, chills, fatigue and anxiety. Below 34 ° C there are muscle spasms, disturbances in consciousness. At 30 ° C, the man behaves as if he was drunk. Below 28 ° C it loses consciousness. The 24 ° C temperature usually means death.


First stage of hypothermia

In the first stage of hypothermia, when the body temperature reaches 32-35 degrees Celsius, the person is conscious, but there are chills. The body, feeling that it loses the temperature level necessary for the proper functioning of all organs, tries to raise it by forcing the muscles to move. Shivers are the first signal that you need to look for a place to warm up or put on layers of clothing to keep warm. At the stage of chills, the cooling is low – it is enough to find yourself in a warm place, dry out if the body is wet, and drink hot fluids to warm up.


When shakes and cold hands and legs are added: muscle tremors, weakness, dizziness and confusion, you are dealing with mild hypothermia. At this stage, man is still able to act alone – reach a place where they can help, light a fire or make other attempts to warm up.


Second stage of hypothermia

In the second stage of hypothermia, when the temperature is from 28 to 32 ° C, there is no more chills, but the level of consciousness is lowered, speech disorders and motor coordination occur – muscles are stiff, non-motile movements, mumble speech, man is apathetic and loses his sense of time. In this state, it already requires the help of others.


Third stage of hypothermia

In the third stage of hypothermia, when the body temperature is 24-2  ° C, the person loses consciousness and looks like a dead one – has sin-green skin, barely perceived pulse and breath or symptoms of stopping respiration and circulation, pupils do not react to light. At this stage, it is necessary to reanimate.


Fourth stage of hypothermia

In the fourth stage of hypothermia, when the temperature drops below 24  ° C, circulation stops. The fifth stage is irreversible hypothermia, i.e. death.