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Weather Challenge to be among the best weather apps in 2018

As explained before, Weather Challenge can be categorised as one of at least two different app types – either as a live weather app for android and iOS or as a game. The combination of these two categories was created mainly to offer something more and interesting than just a simple weather app and to show, that games based on weather can also be a lot of fun and have huge potential to succeed. The idea of joining these two types of apps won various awards for innovation and was widely praised as a good competition for the dominating position of clickers. That’s why Reality Games is planning to make 2018 the year of Weather Challenge’s success as really good weather app for android and iOS.


Weather Challenge will have many advanced weather forecast options to make it competitive on the market. It is currently not a very easy time for weather apps, because right now every basic phone has a preinstalled weather widget anyway, so a additional app has to offer something more. A example can be a weather map app android and iOS, that can show a very detailed forecast for specific areas, which isn’t always part of a basic tool on every phone. Weather Challenge wants to address this problem in a very original way, by giving the user another reason to download the app and introducing a complex weather betting system, that provides the player with a possibility of challenging others in a competitive, totally new gameplay system and on top of that – offering interesting mini games and quizzes. Having a app that offers all of this in one, the user can not only enjoy all of these options, but can also save a lot of free space on the mobile phone and get one solution for gaming and relevant weather information. That’s why we believe that Weather Challenge can become a game changing weather app for android and iOS in 2018.


Weather stations


The lowest temperature

113.2 m/s

The strongest wind


No! Because Weather Challenge is based on a big data system, the possibilities of expanding all the in-app options are wide and, in theory, almost unlimited, being able to be even more than a multi-game weather update app for android and iOS.

Weather Challenge Game App