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Welcome to the world of Weather Challenge

Play against mother nature, your friends, family and real life weather forecasters! All of this awaits you in Weather Challenge, a mobile weather app with a play button run by a big data system, that allows you to bet on weather in your area, play entertaining mini-games and have fun with brainy quizzes. And, as a mobile weather app, it also provides you with lightning fast forecast with the highest accuracy and thus serves as your first choice weather update app! And all of this in a highly user friendly form with a hand-drawn, stunning design!

So much more than just a weather app

Weather Challenge wants to offer more than just a simple mobile weather app. Usually the options of weather apps are very basic and allow the user to check the weather in the area or view a forecast for specific days. With Weather Challenge, it’s all about giving the user something more – offering an interactive, funny and edutaining experience, that contains all the features of a very good mobile weather app, but also delivers a award winning system, offering a advanced weather betting gameplay, that introduces some totally new solutions in mobile gaming.

Not just a weather update app

At Reality Games we say, that Weather Challenge is so much more than just a weather app. And that’s the point – the app’s idea is to offer the user something more, game changing, that contains a lot more than just simple options of a weather map app. And what’s best, Weather Challenge can appeal to a very wide audience thus possibly creating a huge community of players and establishing a sufficient base of potential in-game competitors, who can assure, that the game is going to always have people to play against. With all of these options it has the potential to last as something bigger than just a simple mobile weather app.

Fun and edutainment

But the forecast game system is not everything. As mentioned above, Weather Challenge also includes some entertaining mini games, that can proficiently kill time and quizzes with weather related topics, that can widen the players knowledge about nature. From this perspective, it’s also worth saying, that Weather Challenge can be a mobile weather app, that can be appealing to children. It’s cartoon, hand-drawn design is able to get the attention of youngsters and interest them with weather related topics.


Beat weather forecasters at their own game

Weather Challenge allows you to play against nature, friends and family, but it’s biggest innovation lies in challenging real life famous meteorologists. The idea to involve weather reporters won two awards for the most innovative gameplay concept for a mobile game. The potential of Weather Challenge has also been praised on many other events, proving, that there is a great chance of a warm welcome by the future players.


A wide range of options

In the forecast bet system in Weather Challenge, the weather people, both presenters and meteorologists, are eager to see your competitive side! Do you tend to think that forecasts are not very useful, because they are often inaccurate? Now you can check if your gut feeling is right and take on some of the most known and experience specialists in the world! Challenge your local weather presenter and see, if you can be victorious!

Weather App Guide

Best weather apps in 2018

We strive for our application to be on such list. Weather Challenge can be categorised as one of at least two different app types – either as a live weather app for android and iOS or as a game.

Weather Challenge development

The creation of such a application as Weather Challenge isn’t done overnight. Our app achieved a fair success at the beta stage. The initial reception shows that Weather Challenge has huge potential.

[Breaking news!] New lowest temperature on Earth!

[Breaking news!] New lowest temperature on Earth!

Not so long ago we were writing about lowest temperature ever recorded in nature. At that time the record was is -89.2 ° C (-188.6 ° F, 184.0 K), which was measured at the Russian Vostok station in Antarctica on July 21, 1983. New lowest temperature on Earth! However, that’s no longer the case. As of June 25, 2018, officially the lowest ever recorded temperature is -98°C (-144.4 °F, 175.15 K)! Such a low temperature was discovered
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Predicting weather with clouds. Basic types of clouds

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What is the highest temperature ever reached?

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